Mobio is a publicly traded company on the TSX-V and the OTCQX, headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Mobio is the parent company to Strutta and Twenty Year Media. Strutta is a social promotions platform that helps marketers bring potential customers from stranger to fan to customer, and Strutta’s Promotions API provides a technology platform that facilitates social media competitions & campaigns for global brands. Twenty Year Media is a media and technology company developing advanced technologies for the entertainment and motion picture sector. Twenty Year Media owns and operates Emerging Pictures, a US-based all-digital film and alternative content distribution network. Using data and social media analysis together with seamless digital delivery to theaters, Emerging Pictures enables content owners and exhibitors to be more effective and innovative in their distribution strategies and programming decisions. Emerging Pictures works with content and data partners such as Sony Pictures Classics, The Weinstein Company, Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films, and Vimeo to maximize the value of their content.


We are Founders, Entrepreneurs and Financiers who want to help you fast-track your growth.

We are seeking businesses that have a proven recurring revenue model, need growth capital and desire a venture partner with scaling experience to further ramp sales and operations.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to work with and have a growing B2B SaaS business, we would love to learn more.

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For entrepreneurs, fund managers, and investor relations please email hello@mobio.net